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Five Restaurants near the Port of Los Angeles

  When you run out of snacks to eat and are hungrily, we mean, eagerly awaiting your cruise, it’s essential to know what restaurants are nearby so you can quickly grab a bite to eat. Asking around may not provide accurate answers, and when your stomach is making conversation with you, unsure answers are just…

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Things to do by Fort Lauderdale Port in Under 5 Hours

  It’s your first time sailing out of Florida’s sunny Fort Lauderdale Port, and you’re trying to kill time before your vacation. You can’t do anything too time consuming because you can’t miss your cruise, yet you don’t want to spend 5 hours watching Oprah reruns in your hotel room. So what can you do…

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Top 5 Cheapest West Coast Ports

After publishing our blog post on the cheapest East Coast ports available, we decided to explore the West Coast for affordable options as well. Here, we list five ports located in California and Hawaii that all cost under $20 a day to park. Read on to see if your port made the cut!   5. San…

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Top 5 Cheapest East Coast Ports

If you’re already paying for a cruise vacation, chances are you want to save cash in as many ways as possible. Between the flat rate of the cruise, souvenirs, tips for meals and other miscellaneous prices, your fun vacation can cost a pretty penny. To help those cruising out of the East coast, we decided…

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