Get Your Grub on in Cali at These 5 Eateries near the Port of Los Angeles

Get Your Grub on in Cali at These 5 Eateries near the Port of Los Angeles
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When you think of LA, you probably picture Hollywood glam, warm weather and laid back lifestyle. However, you may be leaving out one important feature of visiting Los Angeles: food. California boasts an array of delectable cuisine that brings in tourists from all over the globe. Since the state has Pacific, Latin and Asian culinary influences, locals and visitors get to enjoy fantastic fare like sushi, seafood, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, American and, of course, fusion. So if you’re a hardcore foodie that wants to experience California’s eclectic food scene, check out these 5 places near the Port of Los Angeles.

5. San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant

1190 Nagoya Way

San Pedro, CA 90731

Once strictly just a fish market, this seafood hot spot from 1982 is the place to go for tasty, coastal cuisine around the Port of Los Angeles. The San Pedro Fish Market is so popular that it’s actually termed the “Disneyland of seafood” (and for good reason). With fresh catches like halibut, cod, salmon, shrimp, crab and lobster, you’re going to feel like you stepped into seafood Heaven. The best part about eating at this venue is that you can get your fish of choice (plus sides) either sautéed, fried, grilled or barbequed. Even though it’s known to draw in large crowds, this place is definitely worth it if you love seafood.

4. Guanajuato Meat Market

235 S Pacific Avenue

San Pedro, CA 90731

Don’t let the name confuse you. Yes, Guanajuato is a meat market… but it’s also a killer taquería that will make your mouth water. If you want massive, juicy burritos and salsa that will blow your mind, eat here. You can get all different types of meat at this establishment, but the star of the Guanajuato Meat Market is the carnitas. The meat is tender and full of flavor, making it the favorite of many locals and tourists. Even though the carnitas are the main squeeze, the carne asada and al pastor are just as delicious. When it comes to trying authentic Mexican food close to the Port of Los Angeles that isn’t overpriced, you really can’t get any better this.

3. BUNZ Gourmet Burgers

655 W 7th Street

San Pedro, CA 90731

Sometimes classic American food will do it for you. If that’s the case, you’ve got to try BUNZ Gourmet Burgers. Only a 10 minute ride from the Port of Los Angeles, this casual eatery is where you need to be if you’re in the mood for succulent, piled-high burgers and crispy french fries. What makes BUNZ more appealing than competitor venues is that the burgers are made to order and the french fries are always freshly cut. Plus, if you don’t feel like having beef, there are other options such as chicken, turkey or veggie burgers. You also get to select the bun of your preference and choose between a regular, wheat, pretzel, onion, brioche or sweet bun.

2. Pacific Diner

3821 S Pacific Avenue

San Pedro, CA 90731

If you’re not sure if you want breakfast or lunch, why not get both? Pacific Diner literally has everything you need to fuel your day, from strawberry waffles, pumpkin pancakes and creamy omelets to chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy and machaca con chorizo. It’s only 15 minutes away from the Port of Los Angeles, which isn’t far at all for the best breakfast of your life. The wait can be long at times, but can you blame them? Just make sure you get there before closing time at 3:00 p.m.

1. Busy Bee Market

2413 S Walker Avenue

San Pedro, CA 90731

Calling all sandwich lovers! If you’re the kind of person that likes their lunch to be between two pieces of bread, then you have to try Busy Bee Market’s gigantic, meat-filled subs. Deemed to have the best sandwiches in town, this quaint deli offers savory hoagies with pastrami, roast beef, corned beef, Italian sausage and meatballs. The “Belly Buster” is one of the best items on the menu, since you get to pick two choices of meat. Just make sure you bring paper money, since they only accept cash.

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