5 Creative Attractions near the Manhattan Cruise Terminal

5 Creative Attractions near the Manhattan Cruise Terminal
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Manhattan Cruise Terminal

What do you do in the city that never sleeps? Stay up with it and see what it has to offer! NYC is a diverse city with so many distinct personalities. There’s nothing wrong with the classic tourist draws but why not experience something new by exploring attractions off the beaten path? Stick around after your cruise out of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and get creative with these 5 “un-tourist” attractions (or at least, less touristy).

Gotham West Market

600 11th Avenue

New York, NY, 10036


NYC is a food lover’s paradise, home to some of the best dishes in the world (since pretty much every part of the world’s cuisine is represented here). Craving pepperoni pizza? The city has arguably the best. Chinese? Again, see previous statement. Bagels? Let’s not even have this discussion. What about when you’re craving all of the above plus more? Enter Gotham West Market, an indecisive foodie’s dream that offers 9 artisan vendors and communal dining areas. Vendors include Indie Fresh for the health nuts, Ample Hills Creamery for fresh, hand-crafted ice cream and Choza Taqueria for authentic Mexican food. It’s less than 10 minutes from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, so pull up a chair and take your palate on a culinary journey.


22-25 Jackson Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101


The Museum of Modern Art’s non-profit contemporary art exhibition site, MoMA PS1, about 15 minutes from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, brings to life unique and experimental works of art. Currently, the exhibition “The Little Things Could Be Dearer” is running, which provides a commentary on abbreviated communication and emotion in the digital age. There is also “Zero Tolerance”, which has works that highlight freedom of expression and the artist’s role in society amidst government-appointed draconian laws.

Bard Graduate Center Gallery

18 West 86 St

New York, NY 10024


If you haven’t got your museum fix, there’s Bard Graduate Center, which is great for intellectual stimulation and peace and quiet. The museum is connected to the Bard Graduate Center, which focuses on innovative ways of thinking about decorative arts and design. With exhibitions like “Fashioning the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette,” which looks at the amazing ways women and men have shaped their bodies into distinct silhouettes for fashion, this gallery is entertaining, unique and 10 minutes from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.

The Blind Barber

339 E 10th St

New York, NY 10009


Go back in time to old New York, the NY of the 20’s where prohibition was the law of the land and having a drink on the town became a covert operation. Now that alcohol has been legal for decades, it’s not necessary to walk through a secret door to have a cocktail, but wouldn’t it be kind’ve nostalgically fun? The Blind Barber is a back room hidden behind a barber shop where mysteriously named spirits like the Smoke & Dagger and Batman are mixed up. Apotheke is another speakeasy located in Chinatown which features potent cocktails made with ingredients picked fresh from the establishment’s rooftop garden. Bathtub Gin is another popular option which has all the trappings of a rowdy speak easy where you’ll have such a rollicking good time you might end up in the bath tub located in the center of the floor.


Location TBD


Unleash your inner Carmen Sandiego and go on a scavenger hunt through the city! Accomplice is a scavenger hunt that is part game, part theater, part tour. Participants go on a mission through the city while receiving clues and encountering various cast members. It’s a fun way to see the city while playing detective. The day before the event you’re given a meeting time and location date.

So stray from the norm once you’ve departed from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.  What better place to than in a city as full as New York?

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